क्रिस गार्डनर की सफलता की कहानी | Chris Gardner | They Achieved | Hindi/हिन्दी
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यह क्रिस गार्डर(Chris Gardner) की सच्ची कहानी है, जिसने अपने जीवन में बहुत संघर्ष किया और बहुत से भयानक संघर्षो के बावजूद वह डट कर उनका सामना करते रहे और आज वह एक प्रेरणात्मक व्यक्ति के साथ एक करोड़पति, मोटिवेशनल स्पीकर, लेखक, और एक सफल स्टॉक ब्रोकर भी है

Jack Ma | Alibaba.com | Success Story | They Achieved
This success story covers the success of Jack Ma from his childhood,
Alibaba company is one of the biggest companies in the world which was founded by Jack Ma after a long struggle.

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Jack Ma
was born on 10 September 1964 in Hangzhou, China.
Hangzhou became a tourist spot where lots of tourists visit every day after the visit of US President Mr.Richard Nixon.
Jack Ma was very interested in learning English, so that time he used to work as a tour guide, not for money but to learn English. Jack Ma used to charge the tourist with a promise to teach him English on the tour.
Chris Gardner Success Story | Pursuit of Happyness |  They Achieved...
chris gardner, success story, motivation story, they achieved

This is the true story of Chris Garder, who struggled a lot in his life. A journey from losing everything to one of the most successful motivational and inspirational speakers, author(The Pursuit of Happyness), stockbroker.